MLK Community Celebration
January 15, 2024
Pre-program auditorium music: Stevie Wonder “Blowin’ In the Wind”
“Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen” Dixie
Hummingbirds “Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody”
Turn Me Round” Theremin, “This Little Light of Mine” Odett
1) MC welcome/intro–Payzlee
2) Video #1: U2 Pride (In the Name of Love)
3) Student Reflection
4) Video #2: Montgomery Bus Boycott
5) FHS Student Choral Ensemble: “This Little Light of Mine”
6) Video #3: Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around The Roots
7) Community Speaker: Clayton Mauritzen “Teaching King”
8) Video #4: Nobel Prize Speech
9) Crown of the Continent Choir Song: “One Voice”
10) Crown of the Continent Choir Song: “Down by the Riverside”
11) Community Speaker: Rick Stern “Where Do We Go From Here: Tikkun Olam”
12) Video #5: Selma to Montgomery Arc of Universe
13) Community Speaker: Rabbi Francine Rostin “The Beloved Community”
14) Video #6: Beyond Vietnam Clip
15) Student Reflection
16) Video #7: Mountaintop
17) Audio Clip: Oral History: A Riverboat Captain Remembers (American Routes)
18) Community Reflection: Eig Epilogue
19) Video #8: Nina Simone “Why (King of Love)”
20) Video #9: Sam Cooke “A Change Is Going to Come”
21) Closing Remarks & Invitation to add to reflection board in lobby
Exit Music: Ben Harper “How Many Miles” “Like a King”
Student Volunteers:
1) Payzlee Boyce: MC
2) Rachel Ottman: Reflection Speech
3) TBD Student 2: Reflection Speech
4) TBD Student 3: Reflection Speech
5) TBD RL: Reflection Speech (epilogue)
6) Siarah Holden: Usher
7) Antonio Rojo: Usher
8) Adam Felsch: Reflection Table
9) Hadley Dennison: Reflection Table
10) Ali Putzler: Cupcakes
11) Nalani Sullivan: Guest Speakers & Choir Check In
12) Danica Luehr: Guest Speakers & Choir Check In
13) Julia Harvey: Student Extra Credit Check-In
14) Mia Lamantia: Student Extra Credit Check-In
15) Oliver Hartle: Booth Lights/Sound/Video
16) Simon Ort: Booth Lights/Sound/Video